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Originally Posted by DABhand View Post
For protected games yes media can get scratched or damaged, just like DVD's, Dinner Plates, Washing Machines, etc etc see where this is going. What people including yourself DO NOT seem to realise is you only have the right to install said software and to use it.

I have never needed to really back up any game in a sense. My older games like Pirates! and Birth of the Federation are over 15 yr old. I can still get the original media and still install them, the discs have little minute scratches from use but they are still usable.
In a few decades, there will be no (working) devices (at end users) that can read today's CD's (or DVD's), whether copy protected or not. (Read the emulator note in a previous post of mine.)

Originally Posted by DABhand View Post
You just semi-quoted one of the biggest warez excuse in the world. "If I didnt buy it, then im not hurting sales if I was not going to in the first place, so the company didnt lose money". Yeah and here is my usual answer, how about I come around to your house and hmmm steal your car and maybe while im there take your PC and TV and oh the microwave.
You just full-quoted the most ridiculous anti-warez excuse. Physical objects can only be stolen - no copy remains at the previous owner -, while digital information can also be (legally or illegaly) duplicated - the original copy remains at the original owner. (Until Star Trek's replicators - duplicator machines for physical objects, using pure energy as source - are invented, that is.) Smearing the two together is questioning the very reason why digital information was invented and then became so popular so fast.

Originally Posted by DABhand View Post
There was one great game, which yes I legally purchased, Psychonauts. Fantastic game, didnt sell well, but yet thousands and thousands of people were saying how great the game was but yet, if it did not sell well how did these people enjoy it. And ultimately some even complained about how boring the game was on the developers forums. So it begs the question. If sales were so bad why did many people have it?
Exactly how many thousand actual people have you seen praising or critisizing the game? Compare this with: Exactly how many thousand sales would this game have needed for the project to become profitable or, at least, null saldo? I feel this argumentation proved nothing at all. (No wonder, your not working at that company makes you an outsider, too, without much knowledge about what happens inside. See the last sentence in the previous post.)
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