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anyone think they would drop their Steam account if Valve added a maintenance charge?
This is a tough one lol
I wouldn't pay for mere maintenance if I didn't see any improvements worth being paid for.
And at the moment, Steam is doing little to nothing to actually enhance the user experience or provide userdefined content. Okay, friends is a nice feature and I wouldn't be using Steam as much if it wasn't for the friends feature. But it existed back in 2006 I believe, they just revamped it a little and tagged it all-new...

Steam is a great product, you might disagree but I find it very easy to use and I've had no problems so far activating, updating or playing products.
It sucks for offline playing, I admit that. But you can still use the offline mode if you're on dialup. You're not going to enable online mode more than once every few weeks.

The only problem I see is every publisher pushing out their own Steam imitation so you end up with shit like GTA. In contrast to Steam, I dont see any point in having Rockstart Social Club installed, let alone GFWL.

Oh, and as for DRM and online activation making stuff unplayable in the future:
I dont like DRM, being a limitation to your 'experience', it just feels like you're losing control over your own property. On the other hand, I haven't had any problem so far activation any of the games I've recently purchased.
What I usually do is just copy over the crack before it asks me to activate.
I'm just afraid of some mysterious fuckup rendering all my remaining activations useless because of some bug in the online activation, that way it just feels better :">
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