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Wtf is the difference? I want some sort of hack/mod/trainer/cheat/glitch/mod/tool/fix whatever the hell word you use that gives me the upper hand and actually works. Anything that works in Campaign, anything that works in Multiplayer. I believe my Halo version is 1.09, I downloaded a trainer from here called 'tcshalo' made by which also says 1.09 on it. I tried using it in Halo's campaign, multiplayer including games I hosted, Halo Custom Edition multiplayer... didn't work at all on either of them.

I don't have intentions of cheating in multiplayer, but it would be nice to play through legendary campaign. I also know of people who do manage to use trainers etc. in multiplayer servers that they aren't hosting... I've visited clan sites where they have xFire videos of people using them as proof, and therefore banning them. I want to know how these people do it, no ones willing to tell me and I don't know why it's so confidential.

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