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Originally Posted by timark View Post
My first RPG Game in ps2 is final fantasy 12 and I love it because I can see the monsters ahead and fight it directly and the attacking will not stop not like the other final fantasy(like ffX) that monsters will just pop up and load for a second until they enter the battle mode plus while fighting I hate it when they just exchange attacks like the other character will wait until the other character attack.
So I'm looking for game that looks alike final fantasy 12 gameplay.
Thank you for the respond in advance
my favorite of all time is final fantasy 7 it is what got me into the rpg gig
so what its old graphics outdated i'll still play it i love the storyline
and the monsters do continuoisly attack wether you do or not on this one lol
but the games MMORPGs and Xenoblade are very similar to 12 in many ways
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