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In my case, my ISP is Telefonica. Telefonica is very known for being one of the biggest ISP providers in Spain and Latin America (I'm from Chile), and it's also famous too for being one of the most restrictive ISPs available. Unfortunately, they are the only ones to offer Internet Service in my town, so I have to stick with them.

Telefonica also had given troubles with Torrent and P2P ports, had given slower speed connections than the ones promised and had block a lot of other sites without no reason (including this one). I had already make 2 complaints to them and none of them have been answered, so I'm just wasting my time calling them. Those are the disadvantages of living in a third world country...

But anyway, I'll stick to the proxy, I'll surf wherever I want because those are my consumer rights.

Thanks for all the answers. My problem is solved.
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