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How to copy CD Cops 1.80 Protected Game? PLEASE HELP!

I have just bought this Norwegian PC Game called "Flåklypa Grand Prix" by Ivo Caprino, And It has CD Cops 1.80 Protection. I have tried all CloneCD Settings with my Plextor 12X10X32 CD Recorder, Firmware 1.04 but to no help, I have also tried with CD Cops 32 Decrypter (All Versions) But The Program just performes an Illegal Operation at...... Everytime I run it.
Has anyone succesfully managed to burn a working copy with CD Cops 1.80 or is this protection so far Not possible to bypass?
Any help would be highly appreciated.
It perhaps sad that this game is a Norwegian one As someone never will care to crack it???
But I hoped CD Cops would be.
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