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Originally Posted by pakrat2k2 View Post
didn't get any errors, but takes way too long ..
you have it go thru the bin file each time for every file it needs
which seems crazy to go thru the entire file ( say 2mb ) for a 20K file.
yes, its only for use once. I made this batch files for fun and i love MS-DOS.
i know the users in this forum have all those files unarc.exe, srep.exe, arc.ini, etc.
and only need the correct commands to extract files in batch (or use innoSetup).Think in this bat file like a diferent way to install a game.

i made another bat file Unpack_srep_lzmaV2.bat

This v2 Create a necesary files to unpack the files like V1 but retains the files in BIN\ folder and if you delete any file in BIN\ folder like "BIN\srep.exe" the batch file only create the missing file. Also V2 create another file called "Unpacker.bat" and you can modify.


for /r . %%T IN ("dat_0*.bin") do (
Bin\unarc.exe x -w.\ -dpUnpack\ "%%T"
you can modify ("dat_0*.bin") for your compressed file most users use cab extension ("dat_0*.cab"), or diferent folder to install -dpMyGame\ .

I'm just sharing my tricks.
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