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Originally Posted by Neipas02
Depends on what format the shows are in. I'm not sure what is compatible with the psp.. I assume maybe even has its own format. windows xp movie maker can do a decent job of editing and cutting that type of thing.

You could probably also go to and get a trial version of some software. Some are even free. Do a google search on "free video editing software" see if it comes up with anything.

MP4 is compatable with the PSP. I have figured out how to convert any type of video file to that format and put it on the PSP in MP4 format but I have never edited a UDF file from a home DVD player before or any other format for that matter. I can convert the file to whatever I need but editing bits and peices of a video file is where I need help. I'll have to figure out what type of file Windows Movie maker accepts becuase it doesnt seem to take MP4, Divx, or UDF files, It could be that I'm doing something wrong though.
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