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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter trainer (h4x0r, for 1.7 Skidrow crack)

Unfortunately, activating the trainer also makes the game detect that you've cheated (see the NETRICSA's statistics page). However, changing the following values inside the game's memory (not in files! use WinHex) gives you access to the built-in cheat menu. Someone, please, make a memory patcher. (I might also do one, if I have time to...)

Enable developer cheat menu:
Address Old New
0077DD3E 05 00
004FAE51 44 00
008C3E65 74 EB
005784EE 2E 00
005784F1 75 EB
0065958F 19 00
007BD71C 2A06 0000
007BD731 07 00
006E951D 87 00
0092014C 4B 00
00961940 0D01 0000
005AA75F 8202 0000
005AA9EA A803 0000
005AAD9B 8102 0000
00A3673E 1D 00

Disable detection of (and punishment for) cheating:
Address Old New
007882D1 04 00
On a side note, unfortunately, not even such a trainer can make the game enjoyable: it is a completely mindless and endless shooting against ridiculous amounts of enemies with no significant AI; in mostly rectangular, completely open areas with no significant possibilities for hiding; and, as such, no significant battle strategy required or useful at all. I'm playing it with Turbo constantly enabled which makes it a bit more bearable but, I think, I'll give it up soon anyway.
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