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Breath of Fire IV (JP version) - Looking for bypass or enable code

I bought an original copy of Breath of Fire IV (SCPH-02728) in Japan, back in 2017. I got a modded PSone at a flea market cheap.

I cannot play Breath of Fire IV (JP) on my modded PSone. It always shows the screen with the red circle after the Capcom logo. Iíve tried to look for the bypass code online with no luck. I just want a bypass code for Game Shark or Code Breaker. I donít want a patch file. Just a bypass or enable code.

Please help. Thank you.

PS - I wish I can show a picture of the game for proof that itís a legit copy and not a bootleg. Since I got it in Japan, it should be legit. Just having trouble uploading an image here so I donít feel like I want to bother with it.

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