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Originally Posted by houcine80 View Post

lol copy paste
Originally Posted by pakrat2k2 View Post
he still replies to his own topics instead of editing it
Obviously 'sayah30' has problems understanding English properly, I think that shows in his/her posts. The lack of replying or following others instructions indicates sayah30 doesn't fully understand what others are saying and since those instructions are in 'basic' English and he/she still doesn't understand I think its fair to say his/her understanding of English is not good.

As for the Copy and Paste, take it as a compliment. sayah30 has obviously managed to follow the wording of your instructions at some point and has chosen 'your' wording as understandable to everyone, instead of posting his/her own jumbled English instructions which others would not understand.

The longer newer members are here the more they will pick up from others suggestions etc but sometimes you have to be a little more understanding and patient with those who clearly do not have a full grasp of the English language.
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