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Arrow TexMod 0.9b + Autoloader

TexMod 0.9b (c) RS + Autoloader

TexMod allows you to edit ingame textures, for example a "nude patch"
The problem with this program is that you must select the .exe and the .tpf texture file everytime you want to play.
That's why I created this "Autoloader".


How to use it:
Always put Texmod.exe, Texmod.dll and Texmod.ini in the .exe game folder.
Put the .tpf texture there too.
Then open Texmod.ini and edit "EXE" and "TPF" variables.
Finally run Texmod.exe and press the "Run" button.

Example with Tomb Raider Anniversary (nude patch):
Put the 3 Texmod files in the same folder of tra.exe
Download this nude patch and put in the tra.exe folder too
Edit Texmod.ini and set:
EXE = tra.exe
TPF = Tomb Raider Anniversary - Nude patch.tpf
Save, Run Texmod.exe and press the "Run" button

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