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Max Payne 3 The Complete Edition:
From 32.47 GB ->> 16.4 GB

Used Method:
For zlib files: pZLib+Srep+delta+lzma
Parameter: pzlib+srep:m3f:l256+delta+lzma:512mb:normal:bt4:27 3:mc1000:lc8
For audio files: msc(tak)+Srep+delta+lzma
Parameter: msc+srep:m3f:l256+delta+lzma:512mb:normal:bt4:27 3:mc1000:lc8
For video files: delta+lzma
Parameter: delta+lzma:512mb:normal:bt4:27 3:mc1000:lc8

Took a lot of time to process srep, because my RAM is 8 GB.

The latest version of pZLib is used with latest reflate libs.

Note: If you increase the RAM usage of LZMA the ratio will be better, but it will take more ram to compress & decompress also.... But decompression speed will increase.
For example: in this parameter "lzma:512mb:normal:bt4:27 3:mc1000:lc8" the RAM usage is 512 MB (at decompression) & it will take 5384 MB (approx) RAM to compress.

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