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CheatHappens vs. h4x0r, complaints, abuse etc. - other threads merged here, too

Posts with the following contents will be rewarded with (at least) a month of ban:
  • Any kind of discussion of the CheatHappens vs. h4x0r war.
  • Discussion about why CheatHappens should or shouldn't be a free/paid site.
  • Abuse - including but not limited to making fun - against either or both CheatHappens or h4x0r for the quality (or lack of it?) of their trainers. Discussing that this or that trainer doesn't work is fine but abuse for trainers not working (correctly) is not.

The "war" and other kind of communication between the two parties - including fans, haters, enemies - is considered finished on this forum, further discussion does not belong here and, therefore, is not welcome. Thank you for your attention.
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