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Dead Rising games

Dead Rising
method (xtool Zlib) removed non english files
zlib+srep+lolz:dt1:dtp1:dto1:dtm1:dtw1:dtd1:mtt0:m t6:d100m:tt4
on all files
initial size 7.81 gb
repack size 2.37 gb

Dead Rising 2 Off the Record
method (precompmt 3.8 since Xtool froze and z tool had no effect) removed non enlgish files
precompmt+srep+lolz:dt1:dtp1:dto1:dtm1:dtw1:dtd1:m tt0:mt6:d100m:tt8
on main files
bpk on bik video files
initial size 7.81 gb
repack size 3.58 gb

Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition
method no zlib streams found removed non english files
srep+lolz:dt1:dtp1:dto1:dtm1:dtw1:dtd1:mtt0:mt6:d1 00m:tt4
main game files
bpk in bik files the video snowfinal makes bpk crash so compressed in seperate archive
initial size 23.9 gb
repack size 15.9 gb

Dead Rising 4
method (Ztool Zlib streams and because Xtool froze on it)
converted bk2 to bik with a .bk2 file extension to resolve bpk crash issues kept same bitrate so the video is lossless and identical to the original
also redid bik videos wich were causing crash problems as well same bitrate just like bk2 i did
initial size 69.5 gb
repack size 26.0 gb
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