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Originally Posted by DABhand View Post
Quake 4 was single player, and was advertised as such
As was Doom 3
And COD and MOH.

Yes they have Multiplayer elements but they are essentially when bought single player.

Like for example Mage Knight Apocalypse, it has MP elements but its mostly a SP game.

Since the SP games have some MP elements then most wont have much online protections.

Except for the MP specific games, like BF's and HALO's and Unreal Tournament's. These will have these checks to make sure, people have the real deal, and they arent using any mods and 3rd party programs that would give them an advantage.

halo is much a 'online' game as quake 4 is.

halo has a massive single player mode.

the fact is if you look at the xfire board that logs games stats you will see that cod games and quake 4 are amongst the top played online games AHEAD of unreal 2004 the battlefront my point has some substance...if the games are that heavily populated online then the servers will infact have good punkbuster.

but just to end this silly debate,punkbuster is punkbuster..cod use's it..pretty sure all popular online games use it,so my point is not irrealevent,its just a example.

btw i tried your method,it didnt work. im now using my original disc again *sigh*
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