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Re: GameBoy64 ????

Originally posted by ABCC
A new rumour has emerged from Japan regarding Nintendo's next-generation handheld console.According to reports in the Ottawa Sun newspaper, Nintendo is currently trying to squeeze the Nintendo 64 into handheld form, complete with the now obligatory back-lit LCD screen.Nintendo has already confirmed that a new handheld console is "well into development" though it remains to be seen whether a portable N64, surely a dream machine, is in the pipeline.
Well I think this will be realistic for the next generation of handhelds. But the roumered GameBoy Advance + which should come out around christmas 2002 can't be it.

Anyway don't forget that the competition in japan on the handheld market is realy big and the gameboy advance isn't the most powerfull handheld by far in japan. That is why they are bringing out the gameboy advance + (2)
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