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MJPEG video recompression

See testing now:

Compression rate ~1/3 size than original. Really?? Very likely fast and XP SP3 compatible MJPEG lossless video recompression tools. (Like Ocarina's 0.6 MPEG-2 recompressor.)

small test from XP use AVI.exe and precomp. (scanmjpeg.exe and splitmjpg.exe don't work.)

Source: ANIM0346.AVI
Size: 82 770 846 byte

CMD command: AVI.exe ANIM0346.AVI
Generated RAW file: video.mp3
Size: 74 912 294 byte

Crunching by Precomp 0.48 32bit (KPS version)
CMD command: precomp048.32.exe -cn video.mp3
Output PCF file size: 62 115 776 byte

Precomp results:
Time: 50 second(s), 344 millisecond(s)

Recompressed streams: 2180/2180
JPG streams: 2180/2180
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