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Talking 'mostly' little known tip that will help with reducing the size of conversions

Hello all, Kitsune1982 here again.
I just wanted to share a little tip on reducing the size of your conversions when compressing a game with ultraarc. most of you already are familiar with the crunch texture/bink it and compression methods within ultraarc.
I recently discovered a simple secret to decreasing the conversion output size even further: resampling the audio!

this is how i do it. - note this only works with compatible audio tracks, ultraarc will still compress the game regardless but you wont gain any additional compression if the audio files arent supported!

note #2 - the compression algorithim that i use and get the best results in UA
are msc, srep, exe, exe2, lzma, and tor.

anyway, here goes.

1.Find one of your games that has a supported audio file set. msc will resample the following: mp3, wav, bmf textures and bmp textures.

2.copy your installed game to the temp folder of your choice.

3.load up ultraarc.

4.go about the usual methods of setting the compression methods to your liking.

5. heres the important step!! under the ultraarc freearc compression tab, along with your other compression methods click the 'msc' checkbox. media streams compressor aka msc will scan your installed game folder for supporting audio and will appropriately compress them.

6.let your game compress.

7.when ultraarc finishes compressing, check your output folder, and compare it to the same game compressed without using msc. you will be stunned at how much disk space you save and how much it slices off the final output size of the bin/cab/arc file.

cheers! happy compressing you all! Ja ne!

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