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Oh well I will carry on the thread on my own then sob, lol

Right this is as far as ive got so far

I have managed to work out which ide ports, cables, drives etc to put these cd drives in.

I have also worked out that device manager says that both cd drives (reader & writer) are working okay. I have also worked out that the cd writer recognises the cd disc which i place into it. Also the software will do a write test and says it is okay to format or make into a data cd.

Then when i try to do an ordinary format to use the blank cd it says medium not ready. If i use adaptec cd creator it will run through the write test, say it is fine and then start to write to the cd, then it comes up with this lot:

T7303: TrackWriter error - Undefined or invalid parameter
T7303: TrackWriter error - Undefined or invalid parameter
T7118: TrackWriter error - Command retry failed
D0100: I/O error (05/64/09) - sense code 0x64
D0100: I/O error (05/2C/00) - Command error - commands not issued in sequence

I am not sure but I have looked at the above info and it may have something to do with IRQ settings but i know not a lot about them or the I/O thingymagigs either. Any ideas??

A bit of info that you may need. I am using windows 98, the cd writer is a Hewlett Packard 7200i, the cd drive is a Goldstar 16 speed, which now mostly works fine. Not very good stuff but all i have at the moment.

I have a p200 cpu with 64mb ram, errr the software is adaptec cd creator, anything else you need to know please feel free to ask okay.

Oh and thanks again for trying,

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