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Arrow FMXInno - Updates

What's new:

1. Added full control of SystemTray icon.
{ Create }
procedure pTrayIconCreate(const IconFile, AHint: WideString; ImgType: Integer);
procedure pTrayIconHide;
procedure pTrayIconOnClick(AOnClick: TNotifyEvent);
procedure pTrayIconOnDblClick(AOnDblClick: TNotifyEvent);

{ Icon }
procedure pTrayIconChangeIcon(const IconFile: WideString);
procedure pTrayIconSetItemImg(AItem: LongInt; ABitmap: WideString);

{ Add }
function pTrayIconAddMenuItem(AText: WideString; AOnClick: TNotifyEvent): LongInt;
function pTrayIconAddMenuRadioItem(AText: WideString; AEnabled: Boolean; AOnClick: TNotifyEvent): LongInt;
function pTrayIconAddMenuItemCustom(TextSetting: LongInt; AOnClick: TNotifyEvent): LongInt;

{ Insert }
function pTrayIconInsertMenuItem(AIndex: Integer; AText: WideString; AOnClick: TNotifyEvent): LongInt;
function pTrayIconInsertMenuRadioItem(AIndex: Integer; AText: WideString; AEnabled: Boolean; AOnClick: TNotifyEvent): LongInt;

{ SubMenu }
function pTrayIconSubMenuItemCreate(AText: WideString): LongInt;
function pTrayIconAddSubMenuItem(ASubMenuItem: LongInt; AText: WideString; AOnClick: TNotifyEvent): LongInt;
function pTrayIconAddSubMenuRadioItem(ASubMenuItem: LongInt; AText: WideString; AChecked: Boolean; AOnClick: TNotifyEvent): LongInt;
function pTrayIconAddSubMenuItemCustom(ASubMenuItem: LongInt; TextSetting: LongInt; AOnClick: TNotifyEvent): LongInt;

{ Separators }
function pTrayIconAddMenuSeparator: LongInt;
function pTrayIconAddSubMenuSeparator(ASubMenuItem: LongInt): Longint;
function pTrayIconAddSeparatorBefore(AItem: LongInt): LongInt;
function pTrayIconAddSeparatorAfter(AItem: LongInt): LongInt;
function pTrayIconAddBottomLine: LongInt;
function pTrayIconAddTopLine: LongInt;

{ Other }
procedure pTrayIconMenuItemChecked(AItem: LongInt; AChecked: Boolean);
procedure pTrayIconMenuItemEnable(AItem: LongInt; AEnable: Boolean);
procedure pTrayIconMenuItemVisible(AItem: LongInt; AVisible: Boolean);
procedure pTrayIconMenuItemCaption(AItem: LongInt; AText: WideString);

function pTrayIconGetMenuItemIndex(AItem: LongInt): Integer;
function pTrayIconGetSubMenuItemIndex(ASubMenuItem, AItem: LongInt): Integer;
procedure pTrayIconRemoveMenuItem(AItem: LongInt);
procedure pTrayIconSubRemoveMenuItem(ASubMenuItem, AItem: LongInt);
function pTrayIconSetTextSettings(AText: WideString; Styles: TFontStyles; VLCColor, BkgColor: TColor; Size: Integer; Family: WideString; AFormat: Cardinal): LongInt;
function pTrayIconIsRadioCheckedItem(AItem: LongInt): Boolean;
procedure pTrayIconShowBalloon(ATitle, AText: WideString; AType: TBalloonType);
procedure pTrayIconMenuBreak(AItem: LongInt; AMenuBreak: TMenuBreak);


i gave up on this whole project. the reason is lack of satisfaction. ya, this is the end of developments, so no future updates, no bug fixing and no technical support.

the next version (v1.0.0.3) is also cancelled out.

TrayIcon is the last feature that FMXInno gets.

thank you for being with this all this time.
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