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Beyond Good & (And) Evil

Beyond Good & Evil (GOG Edition)

Files ripped:
  • German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian localised content can be ripped, amounting to 0.96GB
  • Unused pre-rendered trailer footage as well as the "Making Of" Bink1 file in the root directory can be safely removed, amounting to 0.22GB (or at the very least I haven't had any user reports of the contrary being true, I myself have only tested ~30minutes of gameplay so I can't be certain either)

2.02 GB => 520.7 MB

HTML Code:
srep + lolz
Compression time - 30 minutes

The tricky part about this one is calculating the offsets for localised content as well as the unused videos, as this data isn't stored in a logical way, thankfully though, through my analysis and subsequent repacking of titles utilising the "Jade" engine, I can say with a fair degree of confidence that only the primary localisation is intermingled with other data (such as graphical assets, animations and game logic) within a given "*.bfX" archive, with subsequent localisations, in this case the aforementioned five, being stored in a more logical way, allowing for fewer ripped blocks to be generated.

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