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Project CARS [RC4 + XCompress]
  • Extract contents of the attached archive and use -mPCARS.
  • You must use -d1 because this game has two layers to the bff file, the first layer is rc4 encryption and the second is compressed data.
  • You can discard the PCARS.XTL file and the key files for decoding, but you must have:
    • xtool.ini
    • xcompress.exe
    • xcompress.dll
  • You must use the following configuration for the XCompress codec for XTool (thanks Razor12911 for explaining this to me):
    Encode=xcompress.exe d -window=131072 -partition=524288 <library>
    Decode=xcompress.exe e -window=131072 -partition=524288 <library>
Compressing Monterey.bff, 222,888,414 bytes

Compressing 222,888,414 bytes with xtool precomp -mPCARS -c512mb -t16 -d1 $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp

XTool is created by Razor12911

Streams: 5523/5523
Time: 00:00:22 (00:00:05)
Memory: 525 MB (525 MB)

Compressed 1 file, 222,888,414 => 453,409,235 bytes. Ratio 203.42%
Compression time: cpu 0.27 sec/real 40.10 sec = 1%. Speed 5.56 mB/s
All OK
Attached Files
File Type: 7z PCARS.7z (1.55 MB, 19 views)
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