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Update available


- updated oodle scanner
- updated external executable support
- updated configuration based plugin support to add depth information
- updated verbose mode


Given that very small number of people are able to make their own plugins and codecs to use in xtool, I've added an example that imports codecs from QuickBMS after you have generated your database and have no codec to use with it.

For compression:
Encode=quickbms.exe -s "comtype <codec> ; clog <fileout> 0 <insize> <outsize>" "" <filein>
Decode=quickbms.exe -s "comtype <codec>_COMPRESS ; clog <fileout> 0 <insize> <outsize>" "" <filein>
For encryption:
Encode=quickbms.exe -s "open FDDE <fileres> 1 ; getdstring X_KEY <ressize> 1; encryption <codec> X_KEY "" 0 <ressize>; log <fileout> 0 <insize>" "" <filein>
Decode=quickbms.exe -s "open FDDE <fileres> 1 ; getdstring X_KEY <ressize> 1; encryption <codec> X_KEY "" 1 <ressize>; log <fileout> 0 <insize>" "" <filein>
You'll need to check for the list of supported compressors built in so that you don't pick something like lz2k and expect it to work (quickbms itself has to be able to both compress and decompress). You can add more codecs like I have done here "cpk,snappy,rfpk", if you wanted to add lzss for example, it then becomes "cpk,snappy,rfpk,lzss" then from there you can use Bms2Xtl for scripts that have this comtype and possibly expect xtool to use quickbms with no real issues (hopefully).

Also note that if for whatever reason there is crc mismatch, xtool will still help you by applying xdelta automatically.

Also also note that this generate temps files meaning the process is slower because it has to both read and write to disk therefore, only use this approach if there is nothing else that you can to do to improve the situation.

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