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Microsoft Train Simulator *.ACE files:

xZLib+srep:m3f:a2+lolz:dt:dtb1:dtw1:dtm1:dto1:dtd1 :mtt1:mt4:d128m:tt32:fba4096:mc1023
xZLib+srep:m3f:a2+lolz:dt:dtb1:dtw1:dtm1:dto1:dtd1 :mtt1:mt4:d128m:tt1:oh14:gm01:lm4:fba4096:mc1023
Green its optional switches, probably testing any game. Defaults, its 00, 11 or 21 worse results than 00.
Red the magic switch! Nice compression gain! And overall usage all physical RAM! (8GB and 87% usage vs. 97-99%)
oh14 its minimally better compression. Defaults: oh12
tt1 its very fast mode, max usage: tt16 or tt32!! Higher values not better and extremely slow compression.

Difference? Old version 2.93GB! New, with tt1 (compress again with tt16 and d160m switches in last time)* 2.80GB!! ~5% compression rate gain.

UPDATE: Aaarrgh! The test package don't decompresseable! CLS-ini error or any tips?

*tt32 its probably very best results. Calculated compression time avg. ~2days! Overkill.

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