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Originally Posted by kj911 View Post
WAVE compression again: Retested few switches, use TinyGamePack tools by Panker1992 and from searching best results.

In last time good results: 635 350kB

Newest results, from previous months testing:

MSC+SREP: 634 861kB (Use TAK 2.3.0)
MSC+SREP: 634 836kB (Use TAK 2.3.1)

Retested and again use MSC with TAK 2.3.1 and use with any extra switches and goal!!

New Results: 630 595kB!! Nice, few MB's gain from previous versions. Overmaxed WAV compreesion.

Tiny SFX compressor commands:
arc a -lc1024 -ld1024 -ep1 -ed -r -w.\ data.bin -mmsc+rep:256mb+4x4 "Data\*"
[External compressor:msc]
header = 0
packcmd = MSC c -v -f -wav=1 -raw=2 -bmp=1 -ddsraw=1 -ddsdxt=1 -mp3=2 -bmf=9s -tak=9 -dxt=2  $$arcdatafile$$.tmp $$arcpackedfile$$.tmp
CRCs are OK! My preference, smallest memory eating, (lower than 768MB/1GB) from during decompress, heavy compressed, repacked games to use old PC's. (Win XP with min. 1-1.25GB RAM or Win7 with 2GB RAM memory.)

More screens:
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