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- Added feature for folder deletion after uninstalling

- Some changes for DSG
- Added Component key to [Executable#]'s

- Corrected a few things in help file
- Added RunFromAppFolder= key for [CRCCheck] section
  > If set to 1, the Hash file will be read from {app} folder
    If set to 0, the Hash file will be read from {tmp} folder
- Added [Batch] section
  > With this you can run a defined batch file after Setup is done
- Fixed DiskSpaceImage (just a small pixel adjustment)

- ASIS is now fully compatible with DiskSpan GUI v2.0+ (thanks to Cesar82)
  > Old DiskSpan GUI versions aren't compatible anymore
  > You can still use your own archives with ASIS (make Setup.dll manually!)
  > ASIS is now x64 ONLY!
- Remade the Redists code part (thanks to Cesar82)
  > You can now use theoretical unlimited items for your Redists
- Added options for InternalDLL and PasswordDLL inside Script.iss
  > Putting Setup.dll next to the script will compress the DLL file into the Setup.exe file
  > Same password used in DiskSpan_GUI to extract decompressors from Setup.dll files
- Changed components (thanks to Cesar82)
  > The components are now exclusive for game collections
- Added Tasks (thanks to Cesar82)
  > With tasks you can define optional content to install for your installation, such 
    as languages, soundtrack, wallpapers, ... (this was the former components)
- It is now possible to use TXT and RTF files for EULA
- Changed the time remaining label
  > It will now be visible with more then one archive.
    Progress is now calculated according to the size of the arc generated by DiskSpan GUI.
    Example: If DiskSpan GUI generates 2 archives, the first 400 mb and the second 100 mb means 
    that the first archive will occupy 80% and the second 20%.
    So when extracting arc1, 0.80 will be passed in the second parameter (PctOfTotal) of IsDone's 
    IsArcExtract function. For the second file 0.20 will be sent.
    If you don't have the sizes in Records.ini, it will be divided by the number of files, which is 0.50/0.50.
    If you don't use DiskSpan GUI for generating records.ini, you can do it manually (like with records.inf)
- Updated BASS.dll library
- Updated some other things

- Updated compressors
- On cancelling installation the {app} folder will now be deleted
- Added XTool 2020 support
- Added DiskSpan_GUI support (thanks to Cesar82)
- Fixed cancel button
- Removed some leftovers from previous versions in script which are not used anymore
- Moved 'DefaultInstallDir=' key to [Settings] section
  > [ExtractSettings] section removed
- Fixed title on ExitSetupMessageBox if special chars were used (no hieroglyphs)
- Updated DiskSpan_GUI to latest version
- Fixed a problem with lower/uppercase "FreeArc_X" in records.ini reading
- Added "IconFileName=" key to [Executable#] section (a)
- Fixed several hieroglyphs (a)
- Removed COMPRESSOR_GUI (a)
- Updated DiskSpan_GUI to latest version (a)

- Fixed CRC Check from previous update
- Fixed InfoBefore and EULA
  > Before it was possible to change the texts
- It is now possible to use both TXT and RTF files for InfoBefore and EULA
- Updated russian localization
- Updated french localization
- Redone compressor settings
  > It now uses COMPRESSOR_GUI to change the settings
  > Thanks to Cesar82
- CompactMode now have it's own information page
  > It is located near about button
  > This opens a new window which will show you informations about the game or your repack
- If WebsiteButtonText is empty, a custom message 'Website' will be used instead
- Added Czech language to installer
  > "a few" messages still have to be translated
- Added a new checkbox "Limit RAM and CPU usage" to both modes
  > If this checkbox is checked, RAM and CPU usage will be limited during installation
- Added a small bitmap to SelectDirPage to Free/Need space labels
- It is now possible to use special characters like  for your application
  > Before you got strange hieroglyphs
- Fixed time remaining check if [Record2] is present in records.ini
- Fixed misplaced buttons and texts on 125%+ desktop scale (hopefully for ever now)
- Fixed a bunch of small errors, misplacings and code duplicates
- Fixed a bunch of this annoying error messages on compiling
- Updated help file
- Updated VCL viewer source code
- Added UE4 decryption tool
  > Thanks to Razor12911

- Fixed "OK" button on components page (CompactMode) with higher desktop resolutions
  > Hopefully this will be the last one
- Fixed "Background" button on FinishedPage with special settings
- Added a new [Executable#] section to Settings.ini
  > There will be set executables for shortcuts
- Reworked creating icons for your application
  > It is now possible to set/create more then one icon
  > Theoretical you can create an infinite number of shortcuts
- Updated all languages
- Some script cleanup, now be less unneccessary doubled codes and trash
- Updated Help file
- Hotfix: Fixed hash check if more then from 1 disc/iso is installed
  > Before the file was extracted on hash page, and if you were installing from more
    then one disc/iso and changed the disc/iso, Installer couldn't extract the file 
    because Setup.exe was not in {src} folder anymore, so you had to remount the disc/iso
    and click "Retry" to start the hash check. This is now fixed.
- Hotfix: Fixed broken FinishPage if CRC checkbox was checked (NormalMode)
- Hotfix 2: Fixed shortcut creation
- Hotfix 3: Fixed misplaced cancel button if vcl style was used (NormalMode)

- Fixed diskspan file search window
  > Clsinit function was missing and is now back
- Fixed positioning of CRC Checkbox on CompactMode
- If no Setup.ico is present, compiler will use default icon now instead of giving a error message while compile
- Added PMT support for MPZ
- Changed Time Remaining label
  > Before it showed "Infinity" if you used more then one record inside records.ini.
    If you use more then one record, Time Remaining will not show up anymore.

- Changed BPK decompressor (thanks to Masquerade)
- Added PMT
  > Atm only for RAZOR Archiver
- Added Oodle8 support
- Fixed doubled installation display size (thanks to Cesar82)
- Removed DLZ

- Fixed installation size in CompactMode if components were used and all components were unchecked (Checked=0)

- Updated some compressors
- Fixed Redist CB if Compactmode and Components is used
- Added translations for 'Click to select components...' message in compact mode

- Reworked Redist page
- Active language will be added to INIFile now
- Added file checks for components (thanks to Cesar82)

- Added Redist installation to CompactMode
- Added ISHash library to CompactMode (now really!)
- Updated ISHash library (thanks to peterf1999)
- Added components
  > With this you can unpack language archives or other archives
  > Set them in Settings.ini
  > You don't need to add them to Records.ini
- Reworked Components (thanks to Cesar82)
- Updated 7z to v19.0.0.0
- Changes 'Size=' key in Settings.ini
  > It is now possible to write size as follow:
- Fixed slideshow
  > Before it always show the first picture twice.
- Fixed not correct size in Windows Control Panel
- Fixed some other bugs
- Fixed component progress on ProgressBar
- Fixed ScrollBar on LicensePage and InfoBeforePage if you use cjstyle skin
- Added Skin support to LanguageBox (thanks to Cesar82)
- Added Skin support to Uninstall progress
- Changed appearance in Components page
- Added compact mode to installer
  > This is an option for minimalistic setup with only one page
  > In CompactMode you can only use SFV and MD5 files for CRC check
    I will implement ISHash library later in CompactMode
- Fixed LogButton in CRC Check page
- Fixed other bug if CRC check is disabled
- Added checkbox for "Create Uninstaller"
  > If checkbox is checked, Uninstall files will be created
  > If checkbox is not checked, no uninstall files will be created
- Added [INISettings] to Settings.ini
  > With this you can change INI settings after installation is done
- Fixed french translation for CRC check page (forgot some spaces)
- Added RazorTools
  > ZSTD Precompressor
  > FIFA 19 Cas Decryption Tool + Precompressor
  > Project CARS 2 Bff Decryption Tool
  > LZX Precompressor
- Fixed DPI calculation if text scaling in Windows Display Settings was greater than 100% (thanks to Cesar82)

- Fixed Music Button
- Fixed Hardware detection (thanks to peterf1999 for the help)
- Fixed Finish Button if CRC Check is not used
- Website Button is now not visible on Installing Page
- Added Background ON/OFF button on Installing Page
  > With this button you can toggle install background on/off
- Changed background color of License and Info before memo to a bright color
  > On dark themes you couldn't read text properly before
- Made Installer window a bit bigger for better reading
- Added missing dll to ztool
- Added ability to change Hardware label colors in [SystemRequirement] section
- Fixed some other bugs

- Removed ISUtils.dll
- Added green indicator if Hardware match the requirement
- Updated BASS Audio Library to v2.4.14.0
- Added some help to Settings.ini

- Updated some compressors
- Added option to make records.ini internal
- Rebuild file handling for compressors
- Updated file structure
- Removed old code
- Removed Compiler.exe for ISEE
  > You have to use IS (u) now
- Fixed ProgressBar flickering
  > It had something to do with % (TLabel)
  > % is now (StaticText)
- Added Time Remaining and Time Elapsed
  > Time Remaining is broken at the moment
- Removed ProgressBarLabelColor
  > It is not working with (StaticText)
- Increased Setup Window size
- Added ShowLanguageBox= option
- Moved CRC Check CB to DirPage
- Fixed CPU requirement calculation
- Rounded DirectX version number (from xy,z to xy)
- It is now possible to use RGB Color instead of BGR
- Fixed Music and Website Buttons if one of them are disabled
- Fixed compile error if AFR "019" is enabled
- Fixed error if not using certain options
- Added ISHash library (thanks to peterf1999)
  > Removed QuickSFV
  > Valid file types: md5, sha1, sha256, sha512
- Overhauled SelectDirPage a bit
- Removed string "x 1 (Running)" from GPU label
- Added pause button on installer
  > With this you can pause the installation
- Fixed PercentLabel for diskspan archives
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