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Smile Windows Phone Installer (DiskSpan GUI)

At the request of user @GaMEr_2077 I created an alternate version of "Windows Phone Installer (WPI)" with support for "DiskSpan GUI v2+".
The changes were initially based on the script shared by @PsYcHo_RaGE using part of the changes he added.
As I had already changed the script for only one user, I decided to share it here so that other interested users have access to the modified script.

@bunti_o4u, if you feel that I shouldn't be sharing versions of the script you keep the thread on, let me know that I delete this post.
If you want to continue using this script for your main post, feel free.

-Added full compatibility with "DiskSpan GUI v2+" limited to 1 game and maximum 12 tasks.
- Changed "Components" page to "Tasks" to meet compatibility with "DiskSpan GUI".
P.S: "DiskSpan GUI" works the components as multiple games (Collection) creating subfolders for each one of the games. As WPI doesn't support game collection the page has been changed to tasks that are just inclusion of additional items like "Extras", "Optional Languages", etc.
It was also necessary o remove the languages ​​group from the "Components" page (Now Tasks Page).
Up to 12 items can be used in the "Tasks" page with settings for Checked/Enabled/Exclusive (Exclusive creates Items like RadioButton that only one will be checked at a time).
- Added "Slide" in fullscreen during installation.
- Added Splash (by @PsYcHo_RaGE).
- Added Memory/CPU usage Limit (based on item disposition by @PsYcHo_RaGE).
P.S: The 2GB Memory Limit checkbox is required to determine which of the "ARC_Standard.ini/ARC_Optimal.ini" settings generated by "DiskSpan GUI" will be used in the installation.

I didn't have time to test the tasks (if you're installing only the selected tasks) but from what @GaMEr_2077 reported it's working correctly.
If they find errors they can inform by PM that I will try to solve them.

To use the modified script download the last "DiskSpan GUI v2+".
Extract the "COMPRESSOR" folder and put it next to the "WPI" script so that your Setup.exe is created directly in the Setup_Files folder.

- Added WPI update 5 (Added support to DiskSpan GUI except hash checking).

- The WPI update 4 not work with previous version of the DiskSpan GUI (Only with DSG or newer).
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