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3 Way Compression, Masked Compression

Okay, It's Been a long Time Since i made something for the forum

This Tool set features :

1) FA Next implementation to Inno
2) Eugene Shelwien's 7Zip implementation to Inno
3) Updated Arc with more tools, i removed obsolete Tools.
4) Masks Took a significant Update
5) Added Masks on FA Next and 7zip
6) I rewrote the manual to give directions and basics in depth

This Toolset isn't optimal for amount of ram this forum is far mature now to give you ram optimals for each spec - Trial will be your father and Error will be your mother.

7) Inno has been updated to host the new stuff
8) Added Patch_Mod support via xDelta3 and a Secondbar

Q: Will there be a WPI Inno ??
A: Maybe if you want it, why not.

Q: How to use this effectively?
A: Data Analysis is the key, whether you like or not !! checking what you deal with will save loads of trouble.

Q: Some Compressor failed, What do i do ??
A: I am not responsible for the compressors themselves, i didnt write their codes. Therefore i am not to be blamed for their Malfunction. I am not responsible for your Data loss. Though i will check if you send me a Pic of the problem

Q: Will you update this ?? will you Add more to it ??
A: I plan to support it a bit, and i also plan to give a huge pack of toolset, how to transcode via ffmpeg in parallel and how to manipulate xdelta to get your job done.
e.g. if you unpack a total war pack file and then pack it with 7zip tar codec you can xdelta it and get small difference like 1 or 4 KILOBYTES.

Q: Have you Kept tools from us again??
A: The only tools i have kept from this are: Razor with stdio support which Razor made for me and Reflate which me and Razor made back in 2016!
Nothing else

Update 1: Calculate MD5 a la Fitgirl
You will find the readme.txt inside that will guide you through

Update 2: Data Analysis Tool by Razor12911 is Added

Update 3: 7Zip Shelwien Patch 1 For Folder Management

Update 4: Masked Compression Additions, Multithreaded Precomp V 0.48, Speed Optimized by me, CLS zstd, Multithreaded Razor by CLS
Check Readme for more !!
Attached Files
File Type: 7z Masked_Compression_v3.0_.7z (29.77 MB, 1972 views)
File Type: rar Calculate MD5 a la Fitgirl.rar (653.4 KB, 481 views)
File Type: rar Data_Analysis.rar (2.57 MB, 715 views)
File Type: rar 7Zip_Shelwien_Patch_1.rar (1.3 KB, 237 views)
File Type: 7z Masks_Additions_v1.7z (1.49 MB, 591 views)
My projects : Masked Compression, lzma2(xz) on Freearc, Zstd compressor for windows
My optimizations : packjpg.exe, zstd, lzham, precomp-dev-0.45.

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