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Mass Effect: Complete

This is to finish with the Mass Effect series with all dlcs. I dont post Mass Effect 2 because i used the method posted on the index on the same version so there is no reason to double post it.

Title:           Mass Effect: Complete
Version:         v1.02 (incl. all 2 DLC´s)

PC:              4 Cores 3.9GHz (up to 4.3GHz) + 16GB Ram + SSD

Ripped Files:    Nothing (My game is only English + subtitles)

Original Size:   10.4 GB
Compressed Size: 2.99 GB

Method:          BPK+Srep:m3f on *.bik files
                 uelr:uv+srep:m3f+lolz:d128:mc1023 on rest of files
Compress Time:   2 hours 45 minutes (9951.13 sec)
Install Time:    3 minutes

CRC Checked:     Yes
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