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Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct v1.3

No rip & No Recoding

Original Size > 42.6GB
Final Size > 21GB


- Bpk for .Bik Files
- Srep+Lolz for .PAK Files  **
- Msc_Frog+Srep(v3.92)+Lolz for .wem files
- Srep(v3.92)+Lolz for the rest of the files

**For Global.PAK Use Srep v3.93. With Srep 3.92 CRC Error. For the others *.PAK Files you can use Srep v3.92

Where the settings are:

Srep v3.92 = -m5f -l128 -c64 -b6mb -a1
Srep v3.93 = -m5f -d1g -c64 -a1
Msc_Frog   = c -v -f -wav=1 -raw=1 -bmp=0 -ddsraw=1 -ddsdxt=1 -mp3=1 -bmf=9s -frog=9 -dxt=1 -lzma=hc4,lc8,lp2,pb2,fb273,mc1000
Lolz 64bit v21a7 = -dt1 -dtp1 -dtb1 -dto1 -dtm1 -dtw1 -dtd1 -mtt1 -mt8 -d128m -oh14 -fba4096 -mc1023 -bc8 -blr8 -bm8 -pc4
Pack Time: ~ 8-9 hr.
Unpack Time: ~ 30-35 min.

Best Regards
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