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WWE 2K Games

pzlib+srep:m5f:a2+lolz:dt1:dtp1:dto1:dtm1:dtw1:dtd 1:mtt0:mt4:d64m:tt4 h14:fba4096:mc1023:bc8:blr8:bm
bpk for bik files
same repack method on all games besides 2k19 bpk on some of the larger bink2 videos

WWE 2K15 Regular Without extra content
initial size 20gb
repack size 8.1gb

WWE 2K15 with all extra content
re encoded bik
size before recoding 31 gb
size after 23 gb
size after compression
11.4 gb

WWE 2K16 latest updates
initial size 40gb
repack size 16.1gb

WWE 2K17 latest updates
initial size 44gb
repack size 27.9gb

WWE 2K18 latest updates
initial size 43 gb
repack size 28.1 gb

WWE 2K19
the oodle precompressor from Razor12911 was used in this repack

converted all bk2 to bik with a bk2 file extension so the game recognizes it
and to avoid bpk compression errors bitrate is the same so the video is lossless due to that
oo2reck+srep+lolz:dt1:dtp1:dto1:dtm1:dtw1:dtd1:mtt 1:mt4:d100m:tt4 h14:fba4096:mc1023:bc8:blr8:bm
on main game files
bpk on bk2 files
original size 44gb
repack size
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