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ZTool (Ultimate Precompressor)

ZTool version

Created by Razor12911

pzlib - zlib precompressor (stable)
plz4 - lz4 precompressor (beta)
plzo - lzo precompressor (beta)
pzstd - zstd precompressor (alpha)

e - encode
d - decode
h - help

Usage: ZTool [command]:[codec]:[param1:param2:...] [input] [output]

- Jean-loup Gailly
- Mark Adler
- Eugene Shelwien
- Yann Collet
- Jose Pascoa (Pascal translation)
- Markus Oberhumer
- Yann Collet
- Peter Johnson
Whoever who leaked this, please do feel proud of yourself because I QUIT

Originally Posted by DedSec View Post
I am writing this on behalf of Zee also, as he doesn't have access to his account anymore.

Zee is now never coming back to FileForums, and he changed his password to something random too which he don't know himself, and yes he isn't gonna use forget password

Also one important note, whoever use it will say thanks to Razor12911 and REALiTY Team in repacks especially for Russian Groups, as me and Zee have caught them using pzlib but not giving thanks previously.I think Even RG Mechanics.

Well We(REALiTY & Razor12911) started this project together back in February 1st week we started testing and get Razor12911(Zee) the files(as he has internet problems), the headers, raw streams from different subjects, other infos. We then did a lot of testing and then came a repack firstly in 3rd week of march and then we constantly working with it, and Panker1992 also joined us in May, even this was last version( which was of June.! We not needed to face this f**king backstabbers, where is that bastard.

You people should know codecs like plz4, plzo, pzstd aren't even universal yet, we were constantly improving for wider range of streams detection so that they work in most games and capture the respective streams. Moreover pCri (universal) was in development too which works for all CRICPK games like Naruto, NieR Automata, Dragon Ball, Bayonetta.., but thanks for ruining that too because now it won't be made universal as we have took a decision to stop it too now and you are stuck to Zlib/Deflate precompression yet again with Zee quitting everything.
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Reduce pollution, recycle projects

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