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Red face Changelog:

* Bass.dll updated (now you can adjust volume with a real-time.)
* Added Radio (you can able to custom your url link to provide the playlist by following '.ogg' and '.pls') [Search icon = Open the link | X icon = Stop the radio]
* MiniCompressor_Library.dll added
* basshls.dll added (HTTP Live Streaming support)
* bassopus.dll added (Opus encoded files and streams support)
* AIO_FP.dll removed (no longer updates this dll. Since it was buggy)
* XTool updated (unity.dll, & lz4dunia.dll added [Just open with XTool Injector and you can see the Dunia database maker right there.] )
* Redesign Form
* SFX updated (Since the SFX was big, I changed to not stay at the same location. It would auto pop up message to let you create yourself [FreeARC Split] .)

*  Advanced Setup Creator removed
*  SFX Maker removed
*  Optimize Form

* XHash Library added (alongside SFX, and Inno Maker)
* XTool updated
* XTool Plugin Injector added
* FMX Animation added
* Optimize Form (Tweaks everything all Unit Form)
* MD5 added (Freearc Single/Split, and 7-Zip link with XHash)
* CmdOut updated (all Memo used will be disabled CanFocus)
* Advanced Setup Creator added

* Fixed Inno Maker Compile (Issues of ISDone not in temp files...)
* Optimized Form

* Fixed LRZip (caused issue method on thread CPU usage)
* Optimize Form
* Added support 32-bit system (You can change your FreeARC Tools whenever you like)
* Added Precomp STDIO

* XTool updated
* Unity Plugin for XTool added (use it for asset bundle only)
* Redesigned Form

* Added Skin for Designed.
* Added Language for Inno Maker.
* Added Help > About button.
* Redesigned form.

* Added support FreeArc Protect (Open with file was protected)
* Removed glitch behind on Installer Creator design

* Added UnArc Protect
* ReUpdated Installer Creator
* Added FreeArc Split
* Redesign Form

* Metro UI is available on Inno Maker (Thanks to Gupta & Razor12911)
* Save/Load Project was added on Inno Maker
* Few bugs were removed
* Some compression was a glitch and also fixed (Optimization)
* MPZ added (Optimize CLS)

* New features design
* Optimize the form
* Few toolset were removed (precomp, ztool, etc.)
* Inno Maker were redesigned and completely protect isdone with db file.
* Installer Creator were completely protect isdone with db file.
* SFX were completely protect isdone with db file.

* Duplicate File Finder removed
* WinRAR updated to trial version
* AllDup added

* lrzip added
* SFX updated

* PMT added

* SFK MD5 Create added
* LZHAM added
* RZ added
* RZO removed
* Skin Selector added
* Urdu Language added

* Inno Maker Fixed
* Language added
* Language Selector added
* English added
* Resource Editor Inno Maker added

* RZM added
* Animation Form added
* Installer Creator added

* SafeCopy added
* Throwback Mini Compressor v2.05 added
* Sounds added

* UHARC updated
* FA Next added
* Designed updated
* SFX updated
* ZCM added

* hkSFV added
* Calculate MD5 removed

* UHARC added
* Nanozip added
* Mask Addition v1 added
* OSCDIMG added
* DisksPan added
* Self-Extract added

* Design Updated
* Inno Maker Added

* Graphic Studio Added
* Wallpaper Added
* Design Updated
* Advance Freearc Added

* Wallpaper Removed
* Design Update
* Masked Compression v3.0 Added
* Data Analyse Added
* Calculate MD5 Added

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