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v1.0(553 views)
-designer can edit ~95% of all installer configs.
-few changes in Game Installer (Dyrectory, Program Group, Information, License pages).

v1.1(73 views)
-fixed issue, when continues creating Data.db after appear an error, in compiling stage. (thanks Inge for info).
-added ability to design splash screens.
-added ability to change time, for automatic background change.
-added ability to "add, edit or remove" shortcuts.
-"Images" section is divided into three - "Background Images", "Button Images" and "Progress Bar Images".
-Game Installer: reworked Directory, Program Group, License and Information pages.
-Game Installer: checkboxes of desktop and start menu icons, was moved to Tasks page.
-added ability to edit music and sounds in designer (enable or disable music/sounds during install, and change it also).
-added ability to change checkboxes in designer (for tasks, a little buggy).
-many small fixes/visual changes in designer.
-added "Import" function to designer (imports Data.db for compilation).
-added "Export" function to designer (exports Data.db for compilation).
-added "New" function to designer (creates new project).
-added "Open" function to designer (opens saved project).
-added "Save" function to designer (saves current project).
-added "Save As" function to designer (saves current project with custom name).
-added ability to associate GID Saved File with Designer
-Checkboxes and Music buttons now has own section for image change.
-fixed checkboxes in designer.
-Game Installer: added Win7|8 taskbar preview to installer (without wintb.dll or any other).
-Game Installer: added slideshow.
-Game Installer: added info panel (author of script and editor).
-fixed issue with password.
-Game Installer: added ability to change slides, depending on the progress of the installation (set auto change value to 0).
-Game Installer: Inno Setup updated to 5.5.5u version.
-Game Installer: updated pckr.dll to v1.2.0.2 (speed up decompression).
-fixed issue with imports Data.db if any project is opened.
-fixed and optimized compilation progress(now, one progress bar show a total progress, and another show a current file progress).
-Game Installer: pckr.dll updated again to (added .bik video support).
-Game Installer: added binkw32.dll for Video support (v1.9.3.0 compressed).
-Game Installer: added video (.bik video, now video will be played on every Windows system without any additional codecs, processor usege ~5-15%).
-Game Installer: changed work with License and ReadMe files.
-added Licanse|ReadMe section to designer.
-added ability to change position of small installer (TopLeft, Top, TopRight, Left, Center, Right, BottomLeft, Bottom, BottomRight, DontChange).
-Game Installer: Bosnian translation status - 100% thanks to JustFun

v1.2(57 views)
-added "Select All" and "Unselect All" buttons to language section. (thanks HATE for info).
-added configs to designer (+ main information about program and some information about users who helped me with program or installer).
-fixed Redist section. (thanks Inge for info).
-Game Installer: fixed issue when slideshow doesn't start, after ending of video(also, because of this, music stays disabled). (thanks Inge for info).
-added skin pack for Deigner.
-added ability to set output path in compilation stage (where Setup.exe and Data.db will be placed after compilation).
-few visual changes.

v1.21(372 views)
-Game Installer: Polish translation status - 100% thanks to arkantos7.
-Game Installer: fixed issue when users couldn't manipulate with small installer (thanks Inge for info).
-added ability to choosing some of components in conversion (simple splash, animated splash, sounds, music, slideshow or video in any combination, if it present in conversion) (thanks Inge for idea).
-improved compilation speed (creating an Data.db) now it's extremely fast.
-updated and changed configuration form.
-Game Installer: Brazilian Portuguese translation status - 100% thanks to kassane.

v1.3(185 views)
-added multi language support for designer(currently English and Ukrainian, becouse i don't have enough time to do more).
-fixed default project (caption indent and alignment of buttons).
-fixed visual bug on interface tab (does not shown correctly in a first show)(thanks HATE for info).
-fixed bug in background image loading, information about incorrect image is left (thanks Adonix and HATE for info).
-fixed open/save system (confirmation dialogs).
-fixed text of some labels (auto change depending of game name, version, size).
-splash screens was moved to "Media" tab.

v1.4(153 views)
-added Polish translation to designer (thanks pan3o).
-fixed two cosmetic problems(thanks arkantos7 for info).
-changed wrong Polish translation file (thanks arkantos7 for info).
-Game Installer: changed a language selection method (now if OS language not present in installer - will be selected English, if enabled, in other way - first available in installer) (thanks mystikal242 and prudislav for info and suggestion).
-fixed bug when files on first DVD(CD,BD) not fit on DVD(CD,BD) (thanks Inge for info).
-added External compression (thanks Inge and y_thelastknight for testing).
-fixed bug with editing an Shortcuts (thanks y_thelastknight for info).
-added Russian translation for designer (translated by me).

v1.5(1176 views)
-updated Polish translation (designer) (thanks to pan3o and arkantos7).
-speedup language selection ("select all" and "unselect all" buttons now works very fast).
-Game Installer: added "Browse DVD" and "Web" buttons to autorun page.
-Game Installer: fixed "Unnstall" button caption indent.
-Game Installer: now uninstaller can delete all files and folders that was created during installation (if using external compression).
-added German translation to Designer (thanks to mausschieber).
-added French translation to Designer (thanks to jamel2013 and Google translate ).
-fixed Slideshow and Video during installation, when used external compression (thanks Inge for info).
-fixed bug with importing of db file.
-reworked save project process.

v1.6(current version)
-added Croatian and Serbian translations to designer and installer (thanks to JustFun).
-reworked language bar in designer.
-fixed issue with "Browse DVD" and "Web" buttons images (not shows in installer) (thanks to arkantos7 for info).
-visual changes in "Interface" and "Media" tabs, now more compact.
-added ability to use simple buttons (4 images to 1 button).
-added ability to use color skin for buttons and backgrounds instead of images (metro style).
-fixed bug with external compression tab (user can't setfew type of archives, thanks Inge for info).
-added Spanish translation to Designer (thanks to ChronoCross).
-complited Spanish translation in autorun (thanks to Logrim).
-License and Info buttons now will be showed only if present license and information text files (thanks to skype123 for idea).
-System detection now can be turned off (and System button as well, thanks to skype123 for idea).
-#disabled in this version added ability to choose Setup Style (curently can be choosed between two styles, default and with Additional Panel, probably more styles will be added later).
-IsUtils.dll removed, now installer use my own method for system hardware detection.

To Do:
-add registry import.
-add GDF support.
-add more than one simple splashscreen.
Version 1.6 Released.

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