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- added ability to change position of backgrounds on all pages(MainFormBckGnd1.png, MainFormBckGnd2.png, MainFormBckGnd3.png).
- fixed ability to disabled some of installer languages.

 -added animated splash screen

 -progress bar was fully reworked
 -added right to left animation for progress bar
 -added ability to make conversion without FreeArc
 -fixed bug with FreeArc DestDir
 -fixed bug with 4th arc archive
 -fixed bug with shadow of the text on dir select page
 -was held small optimization

 -added 3 installer background types
 -added few new parameters to installer.ini
 -was held small optimization

 -added ability to use video to installer
 -added small installer
 -reworked Installer.ini
 -added few new parameters to installer.ini
 -reworked slideshow module
 -fixed ability to install .msi packeges
 -few small fixes

 -added graphic protect module (b2p.dll)
 -added skin support

 -all parameters are in Installer.ini
 -added transparent borders support to installer
 -added debug function (creating installer script without ISPP)
 -fixed video support
 -added new parameters to Installer.ini
 -reworked uninstaller

 -added full isdone support
 -added ability to extract unlimited numbers of archives
 -added transparent effect to installer (don't work with transparent borders)
 -added Enhanced Edition check
 -added animated buttons(beta)
 -now you can use 4 simple images for 1 button
 -fixed few bugs with ISDone progress bar
 -was held small optimization for glass borders
 -added another installer running check
 -added to system menu line "Credits" with information about creator, graphic autor, used libraries, translation autors
 -installer.ini now reads from memory buffer (only when installing)
 -registry section now in "Registry.iss" that located in the same path as EI_Script
 -added Inno Setup ANSI version support
 -added Persian translation (by amin fear)
 -added 4 fonts support to installer(one to main text, one to little text, one to buttons and last one to edits)
 -all custom fonts located in memory (previously font was located in system temp folder)
 -added ability to change font size to main, little, buttons and edits text
 -fixed bug with ISDone(read ini file error)
 -added autoscalling depending on windows dpi
 -fixed huge bug with animate buttons (reworked all buttons system)
 -language change temporary disabled (many bugs)
 -was held huge optimization

 -script code was very optimized(~5000 lines was removed without loosing abilities of installer!)
 -animated buttons was reworked again(i hope that was last time) because was found another huge bug (out of globals vars range and too many timers!!!)
 -fixed button animation
 -autorun and setup now in one script
 -callbackctrl.dll was removed from script (was found another solution)
 -Installer.ini was optimized
 -win7tbp now work correct
 -slideshow and video modules was reworked
 -ImageAnimator was changed to modified version
 -removed DXVideo.dll and MediaPlayer.dll (changed to ISMediaLib.dll, my first library)

 -soft section in installer.ini was changed to more compact
 -reworked language change method
 -added ability to add license and readme files to every language

 -fixed icons section
 -added unlimited numbers of tasks support
 -added unlimited numbers of shortcuts support
 -added 25 languages support(beta)
 -optimized languages code
 -added glow effect to animate buttons
 -added xdelta3 support(original ISDone6.f)
 -reworked ISDone section(+some fixes)
 -autorun will be always turned on
 -only 10 languages will be in this version
 -detection of languages count was fixed
 -language box is again enabled (with new animation and customizible count of visible items)
 -BASS updated to version
 -added bp.dll(BASS Protect library) by altef_4
 -added ReDrawText v.1.5e module by Shegorat (edited)
 -script code optimization
 -reworked System Req. page
 -reworked Harddrive info
 -reworked all text in installer
 -IsMediaLib.dll and bp.dll was updated
 -fixed small bugs
 -fixed ANSI support (some bugs still present)

 -installer script now protected with my Inno Setup Script Protect Project
 -fixed Tasks section
 -added extract info (current file, elapsed and remaining time, and current percent) (only to ISDone for now)
 -fixed Transparent Borders
 -reworked Splash module
 -updated ImageAnimator.dll
 -reworked backgrounds
 -added pckr.dll library
 -fixed Video support
 -sound files for button events now in mp3 format (used BASS.dll)
[] (trying to add support of Original Inno Setup)
 -added Inno Setup 5.5.4u support
 -changed langbar animation
 -fixed simple buttons
 -fixed bug when installer delete whole HKLM\Software section in registry
 -TTimer changed to SetTimer|Killtimer
 -CallBackaddr was changed back to function wrapcallbackaddr from callbackctrl.dll
 -removed from system menu line "Credits"
 -added extract info (current file, percent) for Internal installation
 -added support to use unlimited fonts in installer
 -installer support only Inno Setup 5.5.4u
 -added ability to change font size, color, and name for any TLabel and TEdit
 -language section was reworked
 -Info Before and License File must have .txt extention
 -animated buttons temporary disabled (fix needed)
 -installer supports 5 languages (English, Hungarian, Russian, Spain, Ukrainian)
 -small fixes

 -installer now support 43 languages
 -German translation status -100% thanks to mausschieber
 -updated pckr.dll to version
 -few small changes
[](actual info on 16.02.2014)
 -Albanian translation ststus - 100% thanks to oltjon and tonet666
 -updated pckr.dll to version
 -updated bp.dll to version
 -fixed errors with button events sounds thanks to Inge for info
 -added AutochangeInterval for slideshow in Installer.ini
 -added few parameters for Internal compression
 -added DEBUG and RELEASE parameters to Mini_Designer

[] beta, last update!

 -Italian translation status - 100% thanks to oltjon
 -added opacity to License and Info viewers
 -pckr.dll updated to version
 -improved installer speed
 -added dynamic fon to autorun

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