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Originally Posted by cheryl771
Yes, the dms4 lite and pro will not do a single thing more than your deck already does on it's own. Until you flash it with what's called "toxic". The problem I had was the dang thing just would not let me flash the chip at all ! So thus you have a chip that does nothing at all! I could play original games and disable the chip but flash it NOPE. Very annoying indeed. I think there was about 1 person in the country that could read the official dms4 site and it's claims of features and realize that it won't do crap until you flash it.
Unfortunately this is the trend that all the high end mod teams are going in. Including the Matrix Infinity and the Crystal chip. The Infinity still comes with a flash that will boot back-ups or you can get the home brew version of the infinity which will only boot home brew app's just like DMS4. I expect that they will be phasing out the Infinity with the bios that boots back-ups, but you can bown load the bios that will do everything right from there site and flash it yourself, thus the blame for possible liability is off there sholders because you are the one that must flash it now. But they are offering this bios on there site which might get them in trouble if anything was to arise. The Crystal chip from day one has been a home brew only chip, but it to can be made to boot back-up with a hacked bios that you must find on the net on your own. This is exactly what the DMS4 chip has followed, the toxic bios is nothing more then a "hacked" bios that DMS has developed and released to the underground for there uses to try and locate. Look here for some screen shots of the Toxic bios in action

Xbox uses will find this very familiar as most of the Xbox chips come with a legal linux bios that will do nothing more then boot linux on your xbox. But if you look you can find the "hacked" Executer bios that will open up everything...... sound familiar???? Sounds just like where the PS2 scene is going these days huh, I think so!

So you guys might as well get use to this trend.
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