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Crack does work.. sort of

Ok folks, I'm here to set this straight. First off I should mention I have a copy of both the International CD, and the US release on DVD only (don't ask why.. I just do ). I've tested this out with both versions, and from what I can tell this is why it works...but doesn't. Also, this is not a nocd/dvd.. but infact a Fixed EXE:

1) This crack works perfectly.. and I mean perfectly with the International CD version. You can tell which one you have because when you installed the game it asked you what language to use, and there would be a list of about 15 or so different languages to choose from (International DVD is the same). Also, on the CD/DVD will be a list of 15 *_filelist.txt files.

2) This crack DOES NOT work with the US DVD. At this point I have to assume the CD release as well, however this is untested. Again, you can tell due to the language list. The US release will have only 2 languages to choose from, and will have 3 *_filelist.txt files on the both the US CD and DVD.

Now before you flame me, read on: You see, in their haste to put this crack out Money forgot to remove 1, simple, little, check.. and that check being the one for the *.TMP files. (Money.. I commend you on getting this crack out.. superb work.. but you need to fix this issue before I give you a 10 outta 10) Why is this such a big deal? Well, the US DVD release only has the 00000001.TMP file, which is sized at 20mb vs the 2kb size of the International CD release (there is also a 00000002.TMP file on the CD but this file is irrelevant to the fixed exe).

I've tested this over and over again by redoing a backup with and without that file, and as soon as I add the 00000001.TMP file from the International release CD to the US DVD backup (overwriting the 20mb *01.TMP file) it works without a hitch. If I remove that file, and put back the original, it refuses to run, and gives me an error telling me to insert the correct CD/DVD. It's been posted that the crack does not work with the US CD release either, even though it has the same *.TMP files on the CD that the International one does. This is could be due to the 00000001.TMP file being of a different version than the one used in the Intenational CD release (this *01.TMP file is part of the Safedisc CDCheck routines).

Of note: this "Fixed exe" was released with Moneys releases in mind, however, on those releases the 00000001.TMP file is only 2kb (or so the filelist of those releases shows). I have to assume this was either a mistake by them, or was a way to protect their releases.

Hope that helps you guys out.


*I used to have the International DVD, however I've since sold it, and can no longer verify the contents of the DVD (I forgot to write down the filelist before I sold it, DOH!) It originally did work though when I tested it.
*Edited for content/corrections on 10-09-04*
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