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Metal Gear Solid 2 DVD to CD backup Guide

here is a summary how to backup the Metal Gear Solid 2 DVD to CDs.

what you need:
* Metal Gear Solid 2 DVD
* GimpsRus MGS2 NoDVD Crack
* WinRAR 3.x
* Regedit.exe (in your C:\Windows dir)
* 14 GB free disk space
* some cds for backing up the game

letīs repack this game:
* insert CD and click "Install" on the Autostart Application
* make a full install with 7.6 GB (!)
* drink something and wait till setup has finished
* when finished extract the GimpsRus NoDVD Crack to your MGS2\bin directory
* open WinRAR
* click "Add" Button
* Browse -> goto your MGS2 dir
* Filename -> MGS2 -> Open
* Archive format -> RAR
* Compression method -> Store (you can also choose "Best" and you wonīt need
as much cds as the "Store" method, BUT it will take more than 12 hours
on a AMD T-Bird 1.4 GHz to compress)
* Split to Volumes -> 650M
* Create SFX Archive must be enabled
* switch to File-Category
* click "Append"
* browse to you MGS2 dir
* select "cdrom.img" and "bin" -> OK
* change back to "General" Category
* press OK to start Compressing

* when compression is completed it is time to save the registry entries
* run the Regedit.exe (C:\Windows\RegEdit.exe)
* HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> KONAMI -> MetalGearSolid2 Substance -> 1.00.00
* you see this entry is empty
* we must fill this place
* right click on 1.00.00 -> new -> DWORD
* a new DWORD will be created and you have to give him a name
* double click on it -> enter "1"
* right click on the DWORD -> rename -> "Full Install"
* now do a right click on KONAMI and select "Export"
* name: "MGS2_reg" -> save to Desktop

* but there is another registry entry for you waiting to be exported
* this key is very important cause it points to your DVD-ROM drive
* right click on MGS2S and export
* name: "MGS2_reg2" -> save to Desktop
* now itīs time to burn the 650 MB splitted-files to CDs
* burn MGS2.exe & the MGS2_reg to the first CD and the rest to other CDs

* if you want to install the game from backup CDs run the MGS2.exe from CD1
* after all files are installed do a double click on the MGS2_reg to import it
* right click on MGS2_reg2 and select edit
* here you have to change your installpath like this:
"InstallDir"="D:\\MetalGearSolid2 Substance"
"SrcDrive"="D:\\MetalGearSolid2 Substance"
* InstallDir & SrcDrive must include the path where MGS2 is installed on your HD
* save changes in this file and close it
* new double click on the MGS2_reg2 to import it into your Registry

* run MGS2SConfig.exe (from bin dir) to configure the Game and select Play to play

you can download this guide including all registry fixes on my website.


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