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Adam12 21-02-2004 17:34

a couple of newbie questions
I used to back up games for my DC and am just now getting back into console games (have been stuck in MMO's for too long).
I read the sticky on commonly asked questions and was unable to find answers to these questions. Also if I missed it just tell me im stupid and to read it again, I know how annoying it is when pople dont bother to read stickys and dont know what the search feature does.

can I put one of my games in my dvd reader and a blank dvd r in my dvd recorder and simply hit copy? Is it that easy? After I have a mod chip installed of course. I understand unlike the DC I will not be able to play backups with out a modchip
if so are games often bigger then the max size of dvd r's (4.7gb)

Thanks in advance for any help

bighap 21-02-2004 19:16

What you are refering to is copying on the fly. This method is not recommended, as it can cause burn errors. Make an image then burn like recommended in the sticky.

There are a couple games that are dvd9. Metal gear Solid 2 Substance and Xenosaga being the only two people really care about, so no worries.

Adam12 21-02-2004 19:18

Thanks, Creating an image does seem like it would reduce errors.

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