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dneray22 31-07-2003 18:51

soft mod - opinions, questions
ok I now have changed my mind, I have posted earlier asking questions about the matrix mod chip, and ways to get around it. someone told me there was work being done with bugs in stuff that would let you not use a mod chip. I researched that and found a evox that boots on an unmodded xbox. I know how to use it and everything but I have some questions:
1.can I use the free x font exploit on a v1.0?
2.does the dash have to be 4920?
3.can I update a v1 up to dash 4920?
4.can evox play xbox games?

also is there anybody who has done this befor that can just give me their opinion on this

*thank you those people who helped me out with my questions on the matrix mod chip

thanks in advance

clarky 31-07-2003 22:38

1. i imagine you should be able to

2.dont know to be honest, only update i have ever seen for the dashboard is the extra menu with live

3.if the dashboard you are on about is the one with xbox live on it then you should be able to with a game that uses xbox live

4.plays your back ups and even launches them off the hd

dneray22 01-08-2003 06:36

I do not have live but This dashboard does get updated from live. is it possible to get it off the internet? if it isn't ileagl can you tell me where to get it NOT in uu format? sorry I am not sure if it is leagl and I can't get uu decoders to work.

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