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cdkiller 29-03-2003 01:26

Metal Gear Solid 2 DVD to CD backup Guide
here is a summary how to backup the Metal Gear Solid 2 DVD to CDs.

what you need:
* Metal Gear Solid 2 DVD
* GimpsRus MGS2 NoDVD Crack
* WinRAR 3.x
* Regedit.exe (in your C:\Windows dir)
* 14 GB free disk space
* some cds for backing up the game

letīs repack this game:
* insert CD and click "Install" on the Autostart Application
* make a full install with 7.6 GB (!)
* drink something and wait till setup has finished
* when finished extract the GimpsRus NoDVD Crack to your MGS2\bin directory
* open WinRAR
* click "Add" Button
* Browse -> goto your MGS2 dir
* Filename -> MGS2 -> Open
* Archive format -> RAR
* Compression method -> Store (you can also choose "Best" and you wonīt need
as much cds as the "Store" method, BUT it will take more than 12 hours
on a AMD T-Bird 1.4 GHz to compress)
* Split to Volumes -> 650M
* Create SFX Archive must be enabled
* switch to File-Category
* click "Append"
* browse to you MGS2 dir
* select "cdrom.img" and "bin" -> OK
* change back to "General" Category
* press OK to start Compressing

* when compression is completed it is time to save the registry entries
* run the Regedit.exe (C:\Windows\RegEdit.exe)
* HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> KONAMI -> MetalGearSolid2 Substance -> 1.00.00
* you see this entry is empty
* we must fill this place
* right click on 1.00.00 -> new -> DWORD
* a new DWORD will be created and you have to give him a name
* double click on it -> enter "1"
* right click on the DWORD -> rename -> "Full Install"
* now do a right click on KONAMI and select "Export"
* name: "MGS2_reg" -> save to Desktop

* but there is another registry entry for you waiting to be exported ;)
* this key is very important cause it points to your DVD-ROM drive
* right click on MGS2S and export
* name: "MGS2_reg2" -> save to Desktop
* now itīs time to burn the 650 MB splitted-files to CDs
* burn MGS2.exe & the MGS2_reg to the first CD and the rest to other CDs

* if you want to install the game from backup CDs run the MGS2.exe from CD1
* after all files are installed do a double click on the MGS2_reg to import it
* right click on MGS2_reg2 and select edit
* here you have to change your installpath like this:
"InstallDir"="D:\\MetalGearSolid2 Substance"
"SrcDrive"="D:\\MetalGearSolid2 Substance"
* InstallDir & SrcDrive must include the path where MGS2 is installed on your HD
* save changes in this file and close it
* new double click on the MGS2_reg2 to import it into your Registry

* run MGS2SConfig.exe (from bin dir) to configure the Game and select Play to play :p

you can download this guide including all registry fixes on my website.


ash2dust2 29-03-2003 08:52

Nicely spelled out, I've been wondering what lengths one has to go thru to do DVD to CD.

Possibly a sticky as an example for future DVD games?

Radeon 29-03-2003 14:38

[email protected]

thanx for you big work, cdkiller !
I've also tried to make a copy of MGS2 to CD

here is my way:

I've made a image with the help of alcohol 120% (it works with clone cd , too)
Now i have an 7,48GB Image (mdf and mds file)
With the help auf WINRAR 3.11 I compress this file and cut this file in 4 or 5 archives a 700 MB (depend on compression) and write this files to cd !

You can play this Image with virtual drives (clone CD or Alcohol)
and it really works !!! It is a very simple solution !!!

Monty Burns 29-03-2003 14:42


This should not work. You need the registry settings, I guess.

KiwiCom 29-03-2003 15:47

@ cdkiller

I was wondering...
is the game really 7.6GB big, I mean are all the files game relevant or is it just using dummy files to blow up the volume? In that case, couldn't it be possible to make a nocd that takes out the checks for these dummies? Well, so far I've never seen a pc game installing this much data before.


JoyBoy 29-03-2003 15:50

The reason why its so big is because of all the speech and the movies. Konami could have done a better job with compressing the speech, but chose not to. The movies could not have been compressed though, because its all done in-game. Its basically a straight port of the Xbox version of Substance.

KiwiCom 29-03-2003 18:15

Thanks for the info BountyWarrior.

I was just thinking about this as there's this german game "Anstoss 4" that was released on DVD, using several gb on the disc, but when you installed it, it was just a few hundred mbs.

GLH 29-03-2003 21:16

@Monty Burns:
Why RADEON's way should not work ?
He has made a backup of the DVD and mount it in a virtual drive.
He can also install the game from there.

Or i'm wrong ???

cdkiller 30-03-2003 01:36

it wonīt work when the registry settings arenīt included !
cause there is the install and cd-path stored.
i tried it without the registry settings and i canīt configure the games hardware settings...
and future updates wonīt work without registry keys.
(like installshield updater are always looking to the gamepath in
your registry)

btw, iīve compressed the gamedate so it fits on 6 cds ;)

Radeon 30-03-2003 03:25

[email protected]

I really confirm, my way, i explained, workes 100 % , because
I don't install the game !

I don't need any registry entry, because I compress the image of
alcohol !
If u want to install the game, u have to copy all rar.archives to harddisk, unpack, start alcohol to put the image in your virtual drive !

and again: IT WORKS !!!!!!!

I need 4 or 5 Cds (depend on compression)


P.S. @cdkiller - Do you have already a working crack for DTM or can I use the crack from deviance ???

Monty Burns 30-03-2003 03:32

Allright, seems I was a little bit tired or too drunk (:D) yesterday or just confused, anyway I got Radeons post wrong somehow..., sorry.

Hiron 30-03-2003 03:56

Can someone tell me where i can download the GimpsRus NOdvd crack? Or plz send it to me via email vincewd**********com.

JoyBoy 30-03-2003 04:11

Hiron, HERE is the gimps crack.

Monty Burns 30-03-2003 04:13

The use of the Search Button could have led you here !

Edit: BountyWarrior, this time it was you :D

cdkiller 30-03-2003 11:57

@ Radeon

with your method you need some more free disc space cause you have to install the Game (7.6 GB) and mount the image (7.6 GB) from your HD.
so you need more than 15 GB free discspace !

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