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cip 24-02-2002 02:30

AR2 swap method for ps2 games
Hello, I read a lot about booting psx & ps2 backups using AR2.
My ps2 console does not have a mod chip and it worked with psx games using AR2 disc2 (codes for psx - archive disc). But I can't boot ps2 backup games... According to the option page on AR2 disc1 (codes for ps2), the version of the software is 1.8 so it should be ok to play unpatched (swap trick - knife method) games. Problem is which disc I have to use: AR2 disc1 after I give the command "start game" - "without codes" the cd tray is opening by itself making imposible to use the swap trick; on the other hand when I'm using AR2 disc 2 after given the command "start game" - "without codes" I can make the swap but the game will not start.

How is that? Can anybody explain?:confused:

dust2dust 24-02-2002 05:08

hmm interestin ps1 games boot nice
but im sure u need a chip ps2
or stuff knife in open draw(which i highly disagree with)

argo 24-02-2002 06:36

i was using the knife method using a feeler gauge to move the white pin across for a very short time untill i saw that Charlie and Dust2Dust had repeatedly warned that doing so could ruin your ps2, and they do know what they are talking about.
If you can afford it they recommend either origa or m clone.
Which as i speak as of today has been successfully done for me!!!
However here's my experience with the knife ar2 method.
Ar2 v2 disk one is booting ps2 games ,disk two is psxps1 games.
Here's what i did for ps2 cdr only based games.
Boot up with ar2 disk 2 hardware piece in place.
Select start game.
Select without codes.
Open tray with knife/feeler gauge.
Swap ar2 disk with back up copy.
manually close tray and move the white pin back to original posistion, sometimes the momentum of pushing the tray in will do this for you.
Press x and the game would boot.
This was on a unchipped v4 ps2 which as i said has now undergone a facelift.
I didn't have time to try this with dvd back ups or rips so i don't know about them.


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