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sarmadi 04-05-2015 06:31

I put "_CommonRedist" folder in DVD1= ERROR and the message "file not found"
I put "_CommonRedist" folder in DVD5= ERROR and the message "file not found"
Last verdict: never waste time with "sayah30" conversions.:confused:

pakrat2k2 04-05-2015 08:09

tried the previous message Post #15 ?

pan3o 04-05-2015 11:00

@pakrat2k2, i was wrong, renaming files has nothing to do with it. i think sayah30 does not test his conversions at all. I have a lot of errors with dll files with this conversion.

The_Killer 04-05-2015 14:39

the expert friends in conversions stopped ???? not do more conversions?

sarmadi 04-05-2015 16:56


Originally Posted by pakrat2k2 (Post 440448)
tried the previous message Post #15 ?

I already,did it but no way.

nguyenbatam86 04-05-2015 21:08

Error ?????

pakrat2k2 05-05-2015 22:11

@sayah30 you have PM.

Either fix the errors or topic will be deleted.

I'll give some time for response, but not expecting much, so topic will be deleted unless
all the errors with installer are not corrected.

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