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sirdeath 08-11-2000 14:46

half life.......can it be mine?
respected sir,

i am going to get the full version of halflife original from my friend for next 3 days. I want to make a perfect backup for this game exactly like the original which will work on won servers for multiplayer as the cd has started getting older now.

i have hp cd burner.....

may i request help regarding which software to use for making the backup of the half life cd which will be an exact replica of the original
( will be authentified on the won servers and will be compatible with all the software update patches)

i have red your newbie files and in a dilemma to decide if the halflife cd has music tracks on it or music is in data i found out a simple answer to it.........ask the 'masters'

it would be extreamly nice of you if you tell me exactly which software i should use.

may i also request help regarding diablo 2 and descent freespace2..... but that is not so important just now as i will be begging for help when i get those two original cds

thanking in anticipation,

would like to learn the art from you


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