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angelosbg 13-06-2007 17:21

WinAmp has stopped working
I have recently had problems with winamp.I have downloaded the latest version and when I enque some songs it stops working and closes.Also it happened,too,with the previous version.
I use Windows Vista.
Do you think that it has to do with the windows?
Maybe with the plugin that shows what I am listening now?
And How can I find out the reason behind that?

GLH 13-06-2007 22:48

Do you have already tried to find an answer in the official WinAmp-Forum?

Joe Forster/STA 14-06-2007 02:04

Try to play files of different types (MP3, OGG, MOD etc.); do all of them crash WinAMP? Remove the plugins temporarily by renaming WinAMP "PLUGIN" subdirectory to something else; does it still crash? Try to find a log file that contains data about how and why it crashed (dunno where, read some docs).

Grumpy 14-06-2007 08:54

.........also, if you have any other media players, do they work?

clint999 17-06-2008 03:10

Do you have already tried to find an answer in the official WinAmp-Forum?

djduke 17-04-2016 19:29

uninstall winamp and use AIMP3

Grumpy 17-04-2016 20:40


Originally Posted by djduke (Post 448550)
uninstall winamp and use AIMP3

Its been 9 years since the Original Poster posted his question, hopefully they are still waiting around for your reply ;)

P.S: In future check the 'Post Dates' before you resurrect an old thread again.

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