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gatosky1620 13-07-2013 17:33

Sid Meier's Civilization V *Full* [Updates + DLC`s + Expansions] [2DVD5]
1 Attachment(s)
*Civilization V - Updates + DLC`s + Expansions - 2DVD5*

Script: yener90 CUI v1.0.0.6
Thanks: Peterf1999 for compression method


1. Install the game, all updates, all DLC´s and the two expansions.

2. Download the attached file, decompress wherever you want (not in game folder).

3. Go to game´s directory, move temporaly the originals unistall files (example: unins000.dat and unins000.exe) if there, and replace after conversion.

4. Go to game´s directory, move the DirectX and VCRedist folder to "DVD2/Support" folder.

5. Run Compress.bat, type your game's installed diectory and wait for Finished!

6. Make ISO and test before you burn. You can make ISO automatically with ImgBurn if you have installed.


Ciapa 17-07-2013 10:02

Deleting unneeded languages ​​from the catalog Speech and Behind the Scenes (Behind the Scenes.wmv 654MB) can be fit into one DVD5.
Great job. thanks

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