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dealrocker 22-01-2010 04:20

Acer Aspire M1100 won't boot
My brother own an Acer Aspire M1100 desktop computer. It was working pretty fine, but yesterday after updating whenever he starts his computer, it only goes to the logo page then says 'Del: Enter Setup, F12: Boot Menu' but nothing works. Can't figure out how to fix this problem.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

DABhand 22-01-2010 08:45

Try changing the battery on the motherboard.

And if he has his manual with the power OFF of course, near the battery is a set of pins for CMOS clear, should be 3 pins, the 2 its on is for keep current, basically take the plastic pin and put on middle and other free pin, this clears the CMOS. Try to start the PC it wont start this is fine but has to be done, then remove power again and replace jumper pin to old placement and restart, if all goes well BIOS should be back to default settings.

Is his keyboard working? i.e. is a light above num lock showing?

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