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green777 02-08-2008 09:11

bin files to avi converters ?
Can anyone tell me what the best bin file to avi converter is, And where, i
can buy it.

DABhand 02-08-2008 13:37

bin files as in disc images?

green777 02-08-2008 14:30

Yes im looking for a disc image bin file converter. one that can change them from the normal bin/cue files

TippeX 02-08-2008 15:34

just copy the file from the VIDEO_TS folder and rename as .mpg :)
bin/cue contains the information, you just need to extract the files from the image, either mount->copy or use something like magiciso etc...

Joe Forster/STA 02-08-2008 18:52

You're trying to DivX-rip a DVD that you have as a BIN+CUE image?! Mount the image, copy the files out of it onto the hard disk and then use a ripper software (e.g. AutoGordianKnot).

DABhand 02-08-2008 20:48

But the question here would be why would he/she be trying to get from bin files if they already have the media?

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