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yener90 29-05-2012 05:41

DiRT Showdown (DVD9 -> DVD5)
1 Attachment(s)
DiRT Showdown DVD9 -> DVD5 Converter

FreeArc need to be installed on your system.

1. Install the game

2. Download attachment, extract completely(wherever you want) and launch converter.exe.

3. Select the drive, where the TEMP folder should be, select the language which should be left and click on "Convert"
-> You can enable Create Iso function, if you have ImgBurn installed.

4. Burn temp folder or burn the ISO file

DVD = 4.00 GB


Time: 60 - 90 Minutes


fire3k 29-05-2012 09:11

will it add game to game explorer?

Fabioddq 29-05-2012 09:36

Very nice yener, tested in Win7 64Bit. I choose English language. Nice flash animations! :D

My final size: 3.56GB :eek: :)

yener90 29-05-2012 11:28


Originally Posted by fire3k (Post 402945)
will it add game to game explorer?

yes of course ;)

sarmadi 30-05-2012 09:14

Thanks Genius.
Works great on win7/64 bit.
Conversion finished in 120 munites:mad::D

elbubi 30-05-2012 20:49

Thanks Yener! Tested and working great! (Win7 x64 - Spanish)

unREAL2011 01-06-2012 04:11

good work on windows 7 64bit thanks

mastodvd 01-06-2012 17:34

It doesn't work for me..when i select the installation folder it's says "the selected folder is wrong"...but i m sure to select it correctly.
Is it supposed to works with scene realease this conversion?

EDIT:now it need to install "ALL"

Thanks Yener

confederate 01-06-2012 17:56

works fine on win 7 x64
it takes about 45 Minutes to complete
my final size is 3.56GB
great work

The-revenge 03-06-2012 09:23

Tested on Win 7 64 bit, conversion time less than 60 minutes, installation time 10 minutes. Great installation graphics
Very good job

Gonzuales4 20-06-2012 12:43

I am relatively new here, I have a simple question.
Is this a patchable DVD5 game we get after conversion?
I understand that the installer is custom, but the file structure is also custom after installation?

n00dls 07-01-2014 13:09

EDITED: Just had to reboot

Stveboss 14-09-2021 07:26

So wheres the installer for this then as only get Data Files.

mausschieber 14-09-2021 09:13


Originally Posted by Stveboss (Post 493986)
So wheres the installer for this then as only get Data Files.

You can use this

Stveboss 14-09-2021 11:52


Originally Posted by mausschieber (Post 493987)

Tried yours got game done with your conversion a lot quicker than the other one so no problem there bud as prefer UltraAarc or the Disfspan you do.
Be nice to have one for first couple games together as they only small files but even for the 4 be ok as use DVD9 and BD25 anyway so won't matter.
Like the need for speed the first few games are only small installs and one for them in a collection also be good as well but have wait see if anybody does conversions for all these and need for speed as well..

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